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Location Surround Sound

Recording in the field for true 5.1 Surround can be done with little more complexity than recording mono. SMS uses a Schoeps M/S stereo boom to capture all the information you need to produce true 5.1 surround during post.

Using only two recording channels in the field, this method maintains the mono source (usually for dialoged) on it's own channel, while capturing all of the direction & distance information necessary for surround sound in the post process.

SMS can consult with your post production facility to demonstrate all the advantages of using the M/S Stereo recording technique.

Schoeps MS Stereo Set-up w/o Zeppelin  

Move Fast

When using an M/S Stereo boom on location, the crew can move from shooting a musical performance in 5.1 surround, to shooting an interview in mono without any changes in the sound set-up.

  Schoeps MS Stereo Set-up with Snake Charmer